Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are you craft-impaired?

Well, I am! But I found a craft that I can do with Lou! Thanks to my big mouth (for offering to coordinate a MOPS craft) and Cynde's help, we discovered some great papers at Hobby Lobby. After making a sample for MOPS (and enjoying it a bit), I decided I am long overdue for indulging Kjersten's craft desires.

We went back a bit later, bought $30 worth of blank cards and papers. What a deal. Kjersten got to craft to her little heart's content and I got a very happy eight year old!

Our 1st batch.

Working away... (looking over the top of her glasses: a big no-no)

Happy little girl!


Carol said...

Ohhh! They're so lovely! And you are not craft impaired. You only think you are!!!
(I hope we're on Kjersten's mailing list ;))

Mary Beth said...

How fun for both of you. They look really good Kjersten.

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute!! I'm one of the lucky ones who got one in the mail! :) I love mine. What a fun thing to do together.