Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day without Wii, TV, or computer?

We studied the Jewish Shabbat (our Sabbath) recently and I've been longing for a less chaotic, more purposefully restful weekend for some time! The kids seemed game and I convinced Jason that one way we could have such a day was to give up our "screens" (TV, computer, Wii). Amazingly, they all agreed!

It was lovely. We went to the water park (a treat that will NOT be repeated regularly), naps, and hours assembling the puzzle I bought specifically for this day. We can't wait to do it again! (Jason says just the boys are going to go screen-free this weekend too even with Lou, Cael, and I gone...)

Here's the puzzle:


Colleen said...

I don't think I could do it!

Anonymous said...

Very cool puzzle! I only do puzzles with Lily. :) That must have taken forever.


Jamie said...

Which apparently leads to weeks without blogging!

angel bug baby said...

Hi Karen! I gave you an award on my blog! :) Check it out!! :)