Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What can $89 legally buy at 10pm on a Tuesday night?

Prescription drugs, that's what.
Here's the scoop:
Cael had croup (yes, again!) last week. In between birthday party events last Thursday, I took him in for his steroid. Works like a charm. His cough is gone. His hoarseness is fading. But... he's getting crankier... Hmmmmm... Cael isn't cranky. Cael is a fabulous day napper and night sleeper. Why is he waking up? Repeatedly?!
In the meantime, Jason and I both have a bit of a cold. It's hard for me to swallow which is common for me and my enormous tonsils whenever I am ill. Well, five days of exquisitely painful swallowing (sans fever for those of you thinking strep) and five nights of interrupted sleep due to said swallowing problems... I am beginning to think there's a problem.
Of course, Jason's out of town this week. Despite vowing to go NOWHERE today, in desperation,
I take Cael to the pediatrician tonite. (While we waited, we watched our regular ped take his CPR cert. test. I was relieved to see he passed with flying colors!) Anyhow, the doctor applauded me for bringing Cael in for being grouchy. Sure enough, ear infection and some sort of staph infection brewing on his face. Lovely.
She also tells me to go to the walk-in clinic. Did I look that bad?! So, ever the compliant patient... I go. Remember, four kids. 8:30 at night. Tiny exam room. Long wait.
Any bets? Yup. Raging case of strep. I got three doses of steroid, a shot in the butt of Tordol, and another shot in the butt of penicillin. Ouch! She sent me packing with some Lortab and some Zofran (anti-nausea) to help keep it down. Seems she thinks I need some sleep!
Cael has his antibiotic and Kjersten has hers for suspected strep, given her symptoms as of this afternoon. Argh!
Seriously... could it get worse? Jason out of town. Sick kids. Sick mama. Oh yes... it can!
My friend Kelly walked out with us after our $89 trip to the hospital pharmacy. Next to my car was a policeman talking to a woman in the next car. Oh great. A drunken debacle is going to slow my escape from this adventure. Nope. "Ma'am, Is this your car" (pointing at Jason's car) "Uh, yeah..." "Well, this woman hit your car..." Are you kidding me? My kids are standing next to me, mouths hanging open at the whole scene and the lady starts in with "Can't you give me a break? I was just trying to park this thing. I've had a really bad day."
Turns out, my friend Kelly's co-worker witnessed her hitting my car and then trying to swap "driving positions" before the police got there. You guessed it.... No license. No insurance. I don't think the damage is too bad. It was late. The lady was arguing with me and the cop while he took photos. I'll get the report from them later. Remember the shots? I just wanted to go home!
So, that's what we did tonite? And Jason missed all the fun!


Mom to the 6th said...

Awww,I am soo sorry for your adventerous evening, Karen! If you need anything at all, like a nice home cooked meal or soup let me know I would be more than happy to make you anything!

Mary Beth said...

Oh man... I'm so sorry. I hope you all feel better soon.

Colleen said...

Holy cow - now THAT'S a bad day! I'm so sorry, Karen. I hope you all were able to get some sleep when you finally got home.

Karen said...

Sorry about the stupid formatting issue (one lonnnnnnnnng paragraph). I keep trying to fix it, but Blogger & I don't seem to understand one another. Perhaps it's the medications I'm on?

Tawnya said...

Wow! Just the waiting room part with 4 kids would have done me in...not to mention everything else you went through! I hope the medicine kicks in fast!

Wendy said...

Unbelievable, when it rains it pours! I have to tell you I was a bit worried about you yesterday. You sounded absolutely miserable. So glad you to hear you are feeling better today. ;)

Prindle 4-2 said...

OMG karen I fell soo bad that had to be just terrible. you poor things. (p.s. hows ur bum? you dont need to answer that. haha) feel better sunderland fam!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Wow, Karen! That was quite a night! I hope you get some rest!

The Ferguson Five (5) said...

Wow! Is all that comes to my mind at this time. Who was having the "bad day"?! Well, hope you and your family are feeling better today.