Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Dinner

We had Easter dinner with Jason's family after the Easter egg hunt. It's the same every year. Eat. Play games. Eat more. Play more games. Eat more. Stay up way too late.

Grandpa Paul's traditional Easter bunny cake. (I think it's scary and I've never been brave enough to eat any, but the kids love it!)

Boys off to plunder foreign lands with the foam swords grandpa found for them.

Uncle Josh making a point.

Great grandpa Thelmar.

The "whist" table.

The "rage" table with Cael feeding Auntie Heidi some pie.

Cael explaining to great aunt Kathy why he needed seconds!

George: up much too late

Kjersten: also up much too late but seemingly still on an Easter candy sugar high!

And, finally, auntie Heidi... Up too late with NOT enough sugar.
(Jason made me post this pic, Heidi. Blame him!)


Colleen said...

How can you be afraid to eat CAKE?!

Anonymous said...

That is quite the decorative wall hanging on the wall! Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the cake!


Prindle 4-2 said...

Hey wendy liked the family tree Josh heidi and i built did you tell her what it was?