Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rhys' Parthenon

You'd think that the 12 year old would be too "old" to play with Duplo Legos, especially with his gigantic bin of "big kid" Legos down in his room. Instead, whenever he's on Cael duty, he entertains himself and the rest with his Duplo creations.

Here he is working on his model of the Greek Parthenon (temple of the goddess Athena).

Cael is always entertained by the crew hanging out in his room. (And, yes, those PJs have been moved to the give-away box. They're much too small!)

Rhys added a crane. His model is of the modern day Parthenon undergoing reconstruction. (I wonder about that kid some days...)

I forget what the side view is supposed to show, but he requested I take this view as well...

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Prindle 4-2 said...

in the first pic you can see how hard Rhys is thinking. His eyebrows are squeezed together.