Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Why can't we praftice until dark?!"

After years, and I do mean YEARS, of eager anticipation on George's part... t-ball has begun! These are pics from his 1st practice (which he pronounces with an 'f').

Cael wanting to join in the fun. 4 more years buddy...

Here's Lou and Rhys playing in the empty irrigation ditch.

Learning to field a ball...

Looks to the mama like he's actually bowling. I left it to the coach to do some instructing. I was merely there to document this historic day for Brennen!

The pictures above show that, for a nearly 5 year old boy, playing with a stick or playing catch is a difficult choice. He figured out how to do both. George's solution was to throw the ball to his partner as hard and far as possible. While the other little boy went in pursuit George had time to play with the stick in the dirt. He didn't even hesitate. As soon as the ball left his hands, he dropped to the ground to play. George resumed ball duty once the ball was actually flung in his direction. Great multi-tasking!

George running bases. As we predicted, he loved this! Given that he runs lap all day long in our kitchen/dining/living room, base running is his "thing"! (I do mean laps ALL day long at home... think 50+/day... Lots of energy in that little boy!)

Rhys in a tree.

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Wendy said...

I remember when Zach did t-ball. It was so funny watching the kids try to play. But most of the time I was chasing Luke everywhere. I think Luke was the same age as Cael is now. :)