Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kjersten's Mini-Meet

Kjersten's gymnastics mini-meet came at the end of a ridiculously long week... Yet, she still was thrilled to be there and did very well. Grandpa Tom, grandma Barb, Rhys & I were there to cheer her on. The purpose of these meets is to give the kids a chance to show what they've learned and to give some experience performing in front of others.

She doesn't look nervous, does she? She claims she was.

On the beam.

The girls were to do a somersault on the beam. Not sure why this was part of the meet. Not one of them could do it without some help. But, they certainly tried and did very well!

The girls get judged on each event (floor, bars, beam and vault). For each event they get a score and a ribbon for participating. She LOVES those ribbons!

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Wendy said...

Way to go Kjersten! Look at all those ribbons! :)