Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cool science!

"Go on, Evan! Touch that ball... It won't hurt. Honest!"

"So this is how a propeller works!?"

It's harder than it looks to turn that wheel!

75 lbs of gear (if he were to don the oxygen tank).

Practicing with the daVinci Surgical Robot. These kids have so much experience with video games that this little exercise was a breeze! Turns out, video games are a true life skill!

Blasting perfect smoke rings with a garbage can drum. This was one experiment we'll be recreating at home!

Blowing giant bubbles...

AJ loved keeping these balls airborne. He needs one of these at home!
We'll be going again next year... it was fabulous! (Not to mention, my kids have now been assigned a science fair project to enter! I love great inspiration!)


Mary Beth said...

Fun times, good ideas too.

Wendy said...

Dang, my kids would have loved that. Looks like they had a blast!