Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss Amy's Field Trip

Today, after a morning meeting, I called my dad to see if today was a good day to do lunch. Since I was already in the heights and knew that Amy's husband was home sick, I called to see if she'd like to get out of her germ-infested house and come along.

Cafeteria food for lunch wasn't the draw (although, it is for my kids!). Amy wanted to come look at the helicopter. After a lunch of "girled cheese" for the kiddos & wrap sandwiches for us, we headed for the helipad.

Without Rhys & Brennen there to compete for seats, Kjersten & Cael were able to crawl around freely! Amy chatted with my dad long enough to decide that this would not be the career of choice for her: something about being bothered by blood...

Kjersten parked in grandpa's spot. Note the shorts. It was supposed to be 71 today. (It wasn't but she couldn't pass up the chance to wear shorts before it snows again on Wednesday.)

No pictures of Amy or my dad. I'm sure that doesn't bother either of them!


Carol said...

I wanna see the helicopter!!!!

Jamie said...

Check out the girl child! She's looking very tweenie. Not so kid like. When did that happen?

Wendy said...

Me too, I want to see. You need to take a field trip with YOUR friends up to the helicopter. lol