Saturday, March 27, 2010

George sits still...

No. This isn't how he got the cavity that needed filling... This was the prize for drinking the nasty tasting medicine (Versed). I find it funny that the dentist gives out suckers, although she promises that this sugar-free lollipop actually helps prevent cavities. Whatever. I'm sure it's a ploy to get repeat business!

Getting loopy. It took all sorts of bribes to get him to sit with me. He wanted to keep jumping over to the other side of the waiting room. He truly did NOT grasp how quickly his sense of balance was disappearing!

He did just fine with the actual filling. I don't think the pre-med was necessary for the filling. I think it was so George could sit still for the 40 minutes it took!

Then the mama thought a trip to McDonald's for ice cream & to play with AJ would perk him up. The mama was wrong. Instead, he bit his numb tongue and his head lolled terribly to the side.

Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever seen?

Poor George. And, the mama was totally empathetic but amused. I've never seen my little boy sit still for so long!

No worries. By the time we set off for the rest of our errands, he perked up considerably!


Mary Beth said...

Poor George! I'm glad he's back to his regular fun lovin' self.

Wendy said...

Poor Brennen, he looks so miserable. :( And his poor tongue, ouch!