Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baby Cael and his new toy...

I have my eye on a mobile for Cael. None of my kiddos have ever had one, but this kid surely "needs" one, right? In the meantime, this is what he has... Brennen spins around this one (cheesy little one on the playpen- isn't too colorful, doesn't spin, pretty small). Brennen spins it and Cael just laughs! He thinks the brother is as much fun (maybe more) than the mobile. Here's the mobile I think he needs!

Here, he's just being cute!


Cynthia said...

I say you give Brennen a dine to spin various toys above Cael and call it good! Think of the $$ you'll save (LOL)!

Amy said...

I really think you need to update this message seeing as I happen to know that Cael is enjoying his new toy, not just dreaming about it!!