Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Trip- Part 1 (Off to Spokane)

We didn't know if we were going until Wednesday night. My van went in for brake work on Tuesday. What should have been $150 and few hour fix turned into a $1000 fix and they'd have to order parts and we'd have to order tires. As annoying as that was I am so grateful to have it in for repairs. Its problem could have caused serious damage or injury on our trip. I am thanking God that we decided that pesky little brake problem should be repaired before our departure!

Anyhow, that meant borrowing my dad's CRV and driving it along with our Subaru to Spokane. That also meant traveling with Eddy most of the trip (he took the bus home a few days after we returned).

11 hours. Really! That's how long it took to drive! (Well, and stop to nurse the baby, change the baby, take George potty, feed baby again, get a snack, change baby again... You get the idea!) George managed to finish potty training on the trip. Yippee!!! The kids were a breeze on the drive. I never heard a whine, complaint, fussing, anything... even Cael. He literally did not fuss once until we were pulling into Michelle's driveway that night.
Snacks on the way (in the Wal-mart parking lot a few hours into the trip)
We're very grateful that Michelle and Steve allowed us to stay with them. The six of us and our gear take up a lot of space! Jack is delightful. He's almost 6 months and will be scooting soon.
Jack and his mama...
Cael and Jack (first "play date")...

George "snowboarding" on a plastic swimsuit form from Costco. It's a wonder he didn't kill himself on that thing. Crazy!Jack and his contraption... (apparently babies don't get hurt no matter how hard they bounce- or this little boy should be in traction given how enthusiastically he jumps!)

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Lisa in Jax said...

It's amazing how hard they can jump in this thing isn't it?lol