Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm flunking Financial Peace University

Really. Dave Ramsey would NOT be proud. Besides being lazy about budgeting (back on track now), I've been spending my babysitting money on non-necessary things instead of paying down our debt.

I'm only watching Daniel & Christian for 3 weeks this summer. The original plan was to trade babysitting for a pool. Well, they are really missing having a pool (it's disassembled in their garage). We aren't too anxious to have a big pool. So... we ditched the swap idea and, instead, Mary Beth is just paying me. Hence, the money wasn't counted on and has no spot in the budget. It could, but I just didn't include it.
So, now I'm having a bit of fun with the money. Like the Flip Video. And now... a kitchen gadget. Yeah, I know everyone has one. We even had one (remarkably similar, in fact) and I gave it away 10 years ago. Now, we've seen the light. Actually, we've seen too many episodes of America's Test Kitchen. This is a "must have" so... now we have it (again).

Now, I have to use it right?

Actually, as part of my book group reading "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands", we've decided to do something kind and unexpected for our husbands each week. I picked making an old-fashioned chocolate cake using a recipe from... where else? America's Test Kitchen. Yeah, well... it's got about 100 steps. Yikes! Nothing hard or weird. Just a lot more work than Betty Crocker!

What a mess the mama makes!

What a mess George makes! Stay tuned for an update and photo of the finished project. By the way, it smells wonderful in here!


Cynthia said...

LOL! Love the kitchen gadget >VBG>! And, you're SUCH a GREAT WIFE to make a special cake for your dh.!

Wendy said...

Rachel saw Brennen and immediately yelled "MESS!" Looked like he enjoyed it! :) This is the first time I've thought Brennen and Kjersten look alike. That is her smile!