Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garage Sale

Well, in the interest of clearing out some of the prolific clutter and making a few dollars, we had a garage sale. The other two families in our home group plus another friend, joined with us as we invited complete strangers (and a few friends) to haul our crap home to their house after paying us for it. What a deal!

Unfortunately, last week was really hard for me. I had a talk to do for Women's Ministry. Then I came down with a nasty case of mastitis. I also began watching Christian and Daniel. Ack! If not for the help of Amber, I wouldn't have participated in the garage sale. She came over one morning and with the 10 kids running amok, we prepped for the sale. She is awesome!!!

Cael helping get ready:

Why are they eating on the floor, you ask? Have you seen the kitchen table?

Baby Analise for sale:

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Cynthia said...

OK.. that's a LOT of garage sale stuff! And.. wowser that's a LOT of kids. I don't think I could have gotten a single thing done with so many kids underfoot.