Friday, July 13, 2007

Our trip- Part 3 (back to Spokane)

We headed back to Spokane on Monday. We had a nice dinner with Michelle, Steve, and Jack. Tuesday, Michelle, Kjersten, and I took the babies shopping. We also embarked on a futile search for Crocs for Kjersten. Found some for George, but there are none to be found in Eastern Washington for Kjesten. Argh!

Here's what I bought...

These will come in handy helping the little ones learn to swim. And they were clearanced for $5. Nice!

I was able to keep an eye on Cael all the way home with this handy (huge) mirror for the car. All he did was sleep, but I sure could see him snoozing with this one!
Yeah... I bought the mobile! After much debate... and a second trip to Babies R Us. I was debating ordering the "deluxe" model that includes a remote (for $10 more and not available in stores that I have access to...) Well, I decided whilst in Moses Lake that the non-deluxe model was more than sufficient and that's why we went to Babies R Us again once back in Spokane. (These are out of stock here in my town.) Anyhow, when we went back, there was a deluxe model with the remote on the shelf (right above the regular model's price tag). It was the only one. The others were the "regular" model. There was no different price or even a place for the fancy one. I thought, "Hey!!! That's $10 off and I don't have to order it! I'll take it!" We took it up front and the darn thing rang up another $7 less than the non-deluxe model's regular price. $17 less than regular price!!!! (It was obviously a return but we checked and all the pieces were there and hadn't been opened/ assembled.) How fun for me... I mean Cael!!!

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Cynthia said...

FUN! That's ADORABLE. You're going to need another baby so you can get double (or triple) the use out of these cool new gadgets.