Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas Eve.
We boogied home from church to have dinner and exchange gifts with Uncle Eddy and Grandpa Tom. It was a really fast celebration as my dad had to be to work at 6:30. It did, however, allow us to have kids to bed nice and early.

Uncle Eddy with the kiddos.

Grandpa Tom with Lou.

Cael couldn't resist that tree!

Christmas morning is always torture for me! I'm usually up HOURS before the kids. I have been know to make a bit of noise to wake them. This year, they did better. The kids and I did have to wake Cael (and Jason, of course!).

Rhys got 30 (yes, thirty) books. All individually wrapped...

Kjersten has her own MP3 player now. My iPod is mine once again!

His own Leapster and Heelys for the big kids.

Cael and his Tabbie. I found this via a link from my cousin Colleen's blog. Click here to see these cute little blankets. Cael is fascinated with tags. All tags. Likes to chew them. This is just the thing!

Ahhhh... banana!!!! Love this thing! Cael got a new one in his stocking. It allows me to give Cael any food I want WITHOUT mashing it up. Just stick a piece in the net, screw it onto the handle, and let baby have at it!

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Cynthia said...

That net thing looks KEWL! Glad you get your iPod back and THIRTY books - oh my! FUN FUN!