Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kjersten!!!!!

My baby girl is seven years old today (as of 2:41pm). I see her big blue eyes and look of wonder when I look at Cael... I see Rhys in her when she's inspecting those nasty meal worms we brought home. She doesn't giggle as often as Brennen, but it's just as contagious when she does...

A few little observations about Little Lou:

  • She still says "each either" instead of "each other."
  • Lou will snuggle with mom, dad, George, or Ole anytime!
  • Happiness is mom's discarded agendas, excel spreadsheets, or budget sheets that she can use to play.
  • Markers, glue, stapler, and paper clips.
  • Pink and purple glitter.
  • Curly girly handwriting.
  • CDs, MP3 player. Music. All day long. Motions and all!

I'll get a picture of my beautiful little girl tomorrow. It's late and she's in bed. Speaking of....

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Cynthia said...

FUN LIST! DOn't you love blogging? I wish I would have had a blog when my kiddos were all little so I could record these quick little things that never made it to the photo album.