Thursday, January 24, 2008

What did Kjersten get for her birthday...

Hint #1

What color are those wall? Hmmmm... Cael, didn't know you liked blue...

Hint #2

Where is this?!

Hint #3

Sand? Dirt? Carpet?!

Yup. Kjersten got carpet (no trim yet, however...) in her pink room. We moved all the toys out. They're all over the place right now and it's driving me nuts! Brennen moved in with Rhys and sleeps on the bottom bunk. Kjersten moved into her not-quite-finished room. Cael moved into Brennen's old bedroom and is now sleeping 12 hours at night. Really.

Kjersten loves her room despite no door, no storage, and no matching furniture. She cares not. "Happy Birthday Kjersten" and "Good Night sleep to mama!"


Hidden Jewel said...

How fun to get her own room! And lucky you on your sleeping baby! Did his own room make the difference?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to see the whole room! Kjersten, how exciting that you can finally move into your pink room!


Cynthia said...

AWESOME! I didn't even realize you were doing a whole switch-a-roo.