Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a sad, sad day here...

(Warning: You may not make fun of me about this post. It's not funny. It's sad. Really sad.)

Rhys had an obsession at age three. He loved the movie, Toy Story. Loved it! He liked Woody. He loved Buzz Lightyear. He wanted to be Buzz. Buzz (the home version) travelled with Rhys everywhere. I grew to love Buzz too.

Imagine my joy when George recently discovered, not one but two, Buzz Lightyears and a Woody doll downstairs! They quickly became his most favorite toys. Buzz is Brennen's constant companion.

And then... George was playing over enthusiastically... and he broke...

He was not leaping from the railing trying to escape the mean neighbor kid, like in the movie. George was helping him fly- into a wall.

I cried. Real tears. I clearly remember Rhys playing with this toy. Brennen loves it just as much. I had hoped that one day I'd be reminding Cael that although I said he could bring Buzz in the car, Buzz is not allowed in church!

Alas... he's succumbed to too much loving by three year old boys.

No, I don't think I'll throw him out. I was going to, but isn't that the whole point of the Toy Story movie? Woody's arm was ripped off and Andy still loved him. Who am I to say that a one-legged Buzz is worthless?!

Note: look at the bottom of Buzz's shoe. See 'Rhys' written there. Seven years ago, I had a flash of inspiration and marked Rhys' toy just like Andy's name was inscribed in the movie.


Mary Beth said...

Maybe the toy repairman with the big case can come and fix Buzz just like he did Woody in the movie.

Cynthia said...

AHHH.. I'm sorry. I think I even heard the sorrow in your voice when you were telling me, but not telling me what toy was broken. There's nothing wrong with being sentimental.

Jamie said...

Not Buzz! But Buzz can fly. Everyone knows you don't need two feet to fly.

Prindle 4-2 said...

Oh My... I soo remamber that toy and yes Rhys was very into Buzz and Andy! I also remember you scribing his name on to all his stuff. You will have to wrtie "& Brennen" next to the "Rhys" on his hood.