Monday, August 25, 2008

Home schoolers say ENOUGH already!

Home schoolers are a threat. With often extremely limited funds, they persist in putting out sharp, polite, balanced, astoundingly well-educated young adults. Gosh, I'd be threatened, too.

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(I don't often discuss our family's decision to homeschool, but sometimes I get so tired of the grief endured by homeschooling families- ours included! On days like those, I need to read articles like the one above to refresh my passion for protecting my ability to educate my children... It is a fight well worth fighting!)


Beth said...

Great article!!

Shushan said...

Thanks for sharing that one. It cheered me too. :))

Agreed. Homeschooling is well worth the effort, and the grief we receive from so many who don't know the truth.

Susan in Va