Monday, August 4, 2008

Jason & the Cookbook

Do you have a good cookbook? One that has useful information & great recipes that actually work? Well, we do. Click here to see it. It is the very best cookbook we have ever owned!

Now that Jason has an awesome "new-to-us" grill, he's been desperate to try something new. Grilled Butterflied Chicken with Creamy Buttermilk Coleslaw won the recipe debate. Of course, he made this while I was gone for the afternoon, so I missed it, but he took photos as requested.

So tender, the leg fell off.

The finished product.

Verdict? Chicken: very tender and very yummy! Coleslaw: good but not creamy enough (Jason likes deli coleslaw and he knows that's not the culinary standard to emulate!)

By the way, the ATK folks have two magazines that we LOVE as well! Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country. Jason likes the "Illustrated" for all of it's technical information and more complicated recipes. Be forewarned- it's illustrated in black & white. No color photos. Very utilitarian. I, however, prefer "Country." Same people. More practical recipes along with very good information and reviews. Well worth subscribing to both! (If you click my links, you'll see a link on their sites to order a free issue. Do it! You will NOT be sorry!)
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Carol said...

I was just wondering which one it was you said you liked. Great minds think alike! Thanks for the tip.

Carol said...

ps. Jason the chicken looks yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you never told me you got a new BBQ! Yeah!