Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kjersten!

In the chaos of the weekend (extra kiddos, no washing machine, dead van, etc..) Kjersten's birthday took a back seat. We had planned pizza & cupcakes with our visiting friends. When they were unexpectedly picked up, we punted. Jason was still gone doing laundry at his parents. (Oh... don't feel bad for him. They have comfy recliners & satellite TV. He didn't want to come home!) Auntie Sara & cousin Taylor stopped by so we made cupcakes and had an impromptu little party!

Blowing out her candle. Couldn't fit eight on there!

Doesn't she look eight?!

Unwrapping a present with her feet?

Who knew the replica MacClaren stroller would be "Cael-sized"? Poor Lou. Now, we're looking for an eight-year old sized stroller. We're keeping this one for Cael. It's perfect!

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