Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend with friends...

Our friends, Steve & Nicole, signed up for the Walk to Emmaus retreat. (The husband attends Thursday thru Sunday one week and the wife does the same the following weekend.) Sadly, Steve's dad passed away the Saturday he was at the retreat. He went to his father's hometown to tend to details and spend time with family. Nicole and the kids stayed behind at his insistence. His retreat experience, despite being shortened, impacted him in such a way, he did NOT want Nicole to miss her chance!

So, she agreed. However, the kids can't really stay home alone yet... That's how we got three extra girls for three days! My children loved it. Well... Rhys didn't like getting beat at Wii Baseball by a girl, but other than that, it was great fun!

Cael, Keona, and Kjersten playing with Play-Do.

Ocean boxing on the Wii.
Inexplicably, I took hardly any photos and none of Marie. She's eleven and a fabulous help to have around. I'm looking for a reason to have them back!

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Mom to the 6th said...

Chrysalis is coming up sometime... do you want them then? HEHEHE!