Monday, September 3, 2007

Beautiful pictures. Gross story.

Pudgy little feet. Aren't they yummy?!

He fell asleep while playing with his buddy in the mirror.
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The pictures above are just for your viewing pleasure. They have nothing to do with the gross story (other than they both include Cael)!

Gross story:

Once upon a time, Audra gave us a Jumparoo. (For those of you without young children- click here to see what that looks like.) Anyhow, once Brennen outgrew it, the Jumparoo took up residence in the garage until we found a family in need of baby entertainment products- Amber's. Once Analise outgrew it, the Jumparoo lived in her basement- waiting... Well, it's been lovingly returned for yet another round of jumping pleasure.

I couldn't remember what the suggested age range was for this thing, so I looked it up on Amazon. After being reassured that Cael is, indeed, big enough, I went on to read customer reviews just for fun. The one that made Jason and I laugh said that they call it the "Pooperoo" as their boys poop every time! Ha ha!

Not funny. Cael managed to poop on the floor today while playing in the Jumparoo. Fortunately, he managed to have it shoot down his pant leg and onto the hardwood floor. I had just moved it off the living room rug this morning. Whew! What a mess! Oh, and don't worry Wendy, it completely missed the seat. Didn't even have to wash that- just him and his clothes and Rhys' socks and the floor... (Wendy is expecting #7 and I think the Jumparoo needs to visit her house next!)


Hidden Jewel said...

Darling pictures! I wish we had one of those mirror things.

Too funny on the story. We've had a couple episodes in the Exersaucer. Man, they are a pain to take apart and clean.

Cynthia said...

LOL! Glad you moved it off the carpet before the big incident!

Dana said...

Oh beautiful toes. My precious one's toes are four months old and just as yummy!

And the story is a good blog post worth the cleaning?

Carol J said...

adorably nummy toes!!!
gotta get a bumbo!! they're easier to clean!

De'Etta said...

::snort:: Now that's a new one.