Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I now hate the rain!

I miss the rain. It does not rain here. I am permanently dehydrated here. Our humidity hovers around 15% (according to my weather clock). It's dry. Very dry.

Except... twice a year. We get a bit of rain in the spring and in the fall. A bit. A few days of rain. I mean a day in the spring and one in the fall of glorious all-day rain.

I love the rain. It cheers my soul.

I should say, it used to. Before we moved up here on the hill. There are two reasons the rain is no longer welcome.

1. dirt road + rain = mud

2. nasty, nasty bugs that love the moisture, come out in droves, and move into my houseThese are the biggest offenders. Millipedes. Ugh! They are about 2" long and they look like worms. Last year, the laundry room was their home away from home. Now, they seem to like my upstairs better. Why? Nicer lighting? More space to spread out? Better reaction from the mama? I don't know, but they creep me out. Big time!!!!
Exterminator comes on Thursday. Couldn't be bribed to come sooner. Pray for me!


Hidden Jewel said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Cynthia said...

UGLY! Those are the same kind that we get.

Jamie & Don said...

Isn't it bug year in school? Perfect! Break out the mason jars, I can see the window sill full of habitats already.

Nicole said...

OMG thats what I keep finding in my basement. I blame my kids for being slobs....How much does the exterminator cost?