Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First day of co-op... (Or why I am so far behind...)

Well, I don't know how I survived these first few weeks last year. Co-op, our schooling, and MOPS all start at about the same time. It's exhausting! (and to think, last year I was busy gestating...)

Here's a photo of our 1st day (last Monday). Next May, our last day of co-op photo will look so very different. Buddha baby there will be all grown up.

Yesterday was co-op day #2. I am teaching Middle Grammar (3rd & 4th grade) Tapestry of Grace (mainly history). This year we are covering 1890- present. I love this period in history and I think it's going to be a very fun year of teaching. We have a small class, but 6 of the 8 kiddos are boys. Busy boys.

Cael is spending most of the day with me, although there are plenty of arms to hold him in the nursery. Brennen is in "preschool" and, believe it or not, there is another Brennen in his class. So, we really do call him George. Kjersten is in Lower Grammar and is enamoured with her music teacher. She comes home and plays "music class." It is too precious! Rhys is in my class. Lucky boy. He is thrilled that his karate instructor is teaching PE at co-op this year. Seems those boys cannot expend enough energy without help throughout the day.


Cynthia said...

I took some first day pictures as well, but I haven't taken to blog them yet!

Colleen said...

Awe, I love the picture of the sun on the kids!