Sunday, September 2, 2007

Love, love, love the comments!!!!

If you're a fellow blogger, you know what I am talking about. I type out the gory details of our lives and, yet, readers return. Sometimes, they even leave lovely remarks.

Thank you. It makes it that much more fun to blog when I really think someone might read it! If you ask me a question, I usually e-mail the response directly to you. If I don't know your e-mail, I'll try to answer it in the same comment section.


Colleen said...

I generally try to comment as often as others comment on my blog. (Hint, hint...)

Colleen :)

Cynthia said...

I always leave comments... hmmmm.... someone of you (and I won't mention any names here...) don't usually leave comments (LOL)!

Nicole said...

You know I often really truly wonder if its just my children that have certain issues, but then I jump onto your page and well come to find out its all around me..Its just more funny reading about someone elses child stepping in poop,not washing there nasty little hands, or collecting disgusting lil bugs. I always leave your page feeling much better with being a parent.

Thanks Karen,you always have a way to make me feel better.