Saturday, September 1, 2007

A day in the life...

No, you really wouldn't want to see a "day in the life" here... That would involve chaos and messes you cannot imagine... but here's a glimpse of our schedule for the coming year.

I use a schedule based on Managers of Their Homes by Steve & Teri Maxwell. Ideally, we'd have one schedule for the whole week. Instead, we have a different one for each day. That's due to things like TOG co-op, grammar co-op, karate, MOPS... Here's our theoretical schedule. (Keep in mind, we don't actually start schooling until Tuesday. By Wednesday, I may have totally abandoned this and returned to our gloriously unscheduled days of summer.)

Our Schedule. (Got it fixed. Thanks Jamie!)

This is what we'll be studying:

Brennen will listen with the read-alouds. He has his own workbook. That is just so he can "do school" with the big kids. He also has a toy rotation. These are special toys/ activities that he can do during school time- rotating before he gets bored!


Cynthia said...

I still haven't worked on our schedule, but it's on my todo list for today... ot at least sometime this weekend.

De'Etta said...

And you're off! It looks like a full and fun year that you have planned. I see some of our favorites on your list. LOL

Hidden Jewel said...

I borrowed Spell to Write and Read from my sister and I love the idea of it. However, knowing me it would be too hard to implement at this time. So I have to live in the world where I am at and use what works for me. But I am jealous!