Sunday, September 9, 2007

Who says I'm not spontaneous?!

Well... I say that! So do most who know me.
Having kids has helped me become much more structured. This results in less spontaneity. Not so good for the fun-loving hubby!
Anyhow, Saturday was one of those days... Full of errands, karate, and kiddos. Jason and Lou went to grandma and grandpa's land (about three hours North of here) to drop off the skid steer. The boys and I began our list of things to do... About noon, Jason calls to say that he thinks we should come on up and stay the night up at the land.
(Okay... this is where I immediately go into the "it wasn't on the schedule and I have too much to do" mode.) Thanks to my "Proper Care and Feeding..." refresher course, I know that sometimes, I really could accommodate hubby with a cheerful heart even if it inconveniences me. LOL!
Well, we finished our necessary errands, drove all the way home, threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed some pork chops and milk, and headed out... Two and a half hours later- we were there.
It was great. Very relaxing. I'll do a whole post on why Jason went up to begin with when I get some pictures from Grandma.
(Guess I should listen to Jason more often, eh?)


Hidden Jewel said...

It kind of makes a person wonder bow many blessings have been missed because it didn't fit into our plan. So glad to hear you had a great time.

Jamie & Don said...

I'm very proud of you. I'm glad it was relaxing (?!?!). I guess that's why you plan--to be able to pickup the pieces. Besides, how can you not be spontaneous every day with 4 kiddos?

Cynthia said...

Sounds like FUN! I remember talking to you that day. I'm another one who gets pretty caught up in to do lists!