Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Four months old? How can it be?

It does not seem possible that my baby boy is already four months old. On one hand, it seems like we just brought him home. On the other, he is so busy, happy, and loud, seems as though he's been here forever!

At his 4 month check, he impressed the doctor with his smiles, his squealing, and his massive size! He's down to the 100th percentile on weight. Too funny! He showed off his strength and charm and as an extra blessing to the mama, he didn't cry at all with his immunizations. How lucky am I?
(As a side note: I slipped Brennen's Hep.A immunization into that visit as well. Wasn't planned. Didn't tell George. Treated him to a piece of gum while the nurse poked him. He didn't cry either. He merely proclaimed, "Hey! That hurt!" Whew! Lucky mama!)

Here's Ole in the "big boy bath." Seems he's outgrown the sink bathtub. (boo hoo) Wendy assures me that laying him flat in the bath with a bit of water in the bottom is easy, fast, and fun. Turns out- she's correct! (Who knew that a mama of 6- almost 7- kiddos would know how to bathe them! LOL!) He loves the bath. He particularly loves to turn his head and drink the soapy water.


Hidden Jewel said...

RJ loves taking a bath in the big bathtub. I never did try him in the sink like I did the others.

Colleen said...

I can't believe it's been four months either. What a cutie!

Jamie & Don said...

Such a happy baby! :)