Sunday, February 3, 2008


Rhys has been learning about "foreshadowing". How fitting that I have photos today that do just that... Want to guess. No, I'm not smiling. I have, however, quit wanting to cry.

I went to town to get gelatin for a WWII recipe (yuk, by the way). When I came home, the kiddos were happily eating dinner. Rhys pipes up that they learned a big lesson while I was gone.

"Mom, we really should keep the gate at the top of the stairs closed. "

I immediately wanted to throw up. Sure enough. They left the gate open and baby Cael fell all the way down our stairs. We have a very long staircase. It ends in cement floor with a carpet remnant thrown down. My precious baby boy tumbled down the stairs and I wasn't here. (I have since realized that my being gone was probably a blessing on many counts.) He's seems fine. I keep checking his pupils, his skull, and all his extremities. I'll keep you posted. Yes, I'm still upset about it and still worried about baby. By the way, this is the first time anyone has fallen down the stairs. Amazing.

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Hidden Jewel said...

How scary! The house we just moved into has a long staircase and my gate I was planning to use it broken.