Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy little boy...

Cael is playing with his new favorite toy, a very cute chunky puzzle from Melissa & Doug. My friend, Kim, ordered it for her store this summer at my prompting. Then I forgot all about it... Well, I discovered it on her shelves this week while I was browsing. Lucky Cael!

(And, Cael is wearing some PJs from Kim's boys as well. She sent over lots of very cute things that her boys, ages 5 & 11, outgrew long ago... Now, Bjorn, Amber's newest, and Cael have lots of new-to-us clothes! Thanks Kim!)

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Cynthia said...

Did you see the really cute scrapbook organizing things she ordered? Cute little boxes, magazine holders, etc. Just what I needed to finish organizing my room.