Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm finally ready...

for September!!!! Argh!

I don't know where it went. Last thing I remember, it was warm. It was summer. We hadn't started school. Life was lazy and fun.

I vaguely remember planning for fall. I recall planning our coming school year. I seem to have memories of buying some books & curriculum.

What I simply cannot figure out is WHERE DID SEPTEMBER GO? It's gone. Just gone.

Now, here I am, a week into October. Up to Cael's eyebrows in snow. Lots of schoolwork done, but not all that I had planned. A month into gymnastics, guitar, and knitting club. No consistent wake time. No kids bathed, dressed, fed and ready for school at 8 a.m. No salt dough maps of Ancient Egypt. Oh well...

Here's what we did accomplish in the month I can't remember:
  • Rhys finished 21 lessons in math (ouch!).
  • Kjersten's halfway through her spelling book and making great progress.
  • Brennen's loving his "wood letters" from HWT.
  • Everyone knows the grammar jingles. ("This little noun, floating around...")
  • Swimming creatures are much more interesting than botany (to us, anyhow!)

So, October is upon us and I realize that it doesn't really matter how ready we are... It will come and go just like September. I think we'll just enjoy!


Jamie said...

I'm afraid to ask what a grammar jingle is, I think that one for the homeschool cult. I like the new philosophy though.

Berry Patch said...

I couldn't agree more. August is just a blur. September is already a faded memory. And October is almost half gone! Yikes! I'm afraid to blink & find tomorrow is Christmas! ;-)

Queen of Clean said...

I want to hear the grammer jingle!!in its entirety.