Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh... I so should be out there!!!!

More snow than any October day should allow... It snowed and snowed and my family loves it! Here's Cael looking longingly out the window at Grandpa Paul plowing our driveway. Cael was 100% sure he belonged on that four-wheeler. Next year, baby, next year!

We did make it to church. Interestingly, our drive there took us past many downed trees and oddly dark homes. Hmmmm... Yup. No power. We enjoyed a modified church service and as we were heading out, the power returned. Too late, but glad to know our neighbors were no longer doing without.

I had Jason run me to Target & Office Depot. Essentials, you know?! I needed milk, a boom box, colored paper, and (duh!) Diet Coke! Now, we can enjoy cereal, listen to our grammar jingles in the kitchen, work on our TOG lap books, and the mama won't suffer from withdrawals. Life is snowy, but good!

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Cynthia said...

YEP! We always need a trip to Target if we're in town (LOL)!