Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He's blonde (for now...)

In the photos I post, Cael always looks like he has darker, even reddish, hair. He doesn't. Well... there's a hint of red that all the kids had and outgrew. Bummer! In any case, he was sitting on my lap the other day while we were playing Coffee Shop. (Don't click. Don't do it... It's annoyingly addictive... However, it is good educational fun. Who knew that those odd little people really really like creamy coffee... Ewwww...)

*** We now return to your regularly scheduled post ***

So, Cael really has blonde hair. He's getting a lot of it too! Yes, they all started as blonde. Yes, they all turned into dark brown haired kids... But I love the blonde and wanted to have a picture of this soon to be distant memory. By the way, his first haircut is a long, long way off...

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Queen of Clean said...

Okay! I love the game and I'm addicted!! They like lots of cream and sugar! I got a pretty high score!! Thanks, now I have another game to be additced to.