Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deal(s) of the day...

Shopping Costco on a Saturday (which I never do), cruising the outside aisle by the washing machines (which I rarely do), browsing with children in tow (which I don't take time to do)... I happened upon a screaming deal!

A Crock Pot for $20! (Here's a link to it on-line.)

I have this same programmable crock pot in oval/ stainless steel and I payed a lot more for it! Now, I have 2 which means I can quadruple my refried beans recipe and surely have leftovers to freeze!

This little treasure is from my (tree-hugging, crazy, liberal) dear friend, Jamie! In her free time, Jamie and her hubby like to scout out estate & garage sales. Sometimes, they discover a treasure such as this Clark County Women's Republican Club's 1968 cookbook. Other times, they have to settle for fishing gear and the like...

I'd asked her to be on the lookout for an old rotary dial phone like she had in her bedroom when we were in highschool. No, I'm not that old. Her mother's house just is trapped in a perpetual time-warp circa 1975.

I loved that phone. There's something decidedly satisfying about dialing a rotary phone. The clicking, the heavy earpiece, the attention required (lest you forget where you are in dialing and have to hang up and begin again)...

Not only did Jamie come through on the phone, she rounded up the original! She drove home and shanghaied the phone from her former bedroom! It's just as I remembered... Splendid!!!

Engraved in the bottom is "Property of Bell Systems- Not for Sale". Don't worry. The phone was neither sold nor purchased and now the phone has found a loving home!

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