Sunday, August 30, 2009

One berry, two berry, find me a strawberry!

My grocery store has stopped carrying jelly/ jams without HFCS. They carry no organic brands. Nothing sweetened with plain old sugar. Grrrrrr... (Yes, I could, and sometimes do, go elsewhere, but that's not necessarily the best use of my time.)

This predicament led me to re-investigate freezer jam. I do not have the ability to grow much at our house. No water has that effect. Therefore, learning to can isn't the most practical skill as I won't ever have bumper crops of beans or berries needing preserving!

On the other hand, frozen fruit can be bought at Costco for very reasonable prices. And, with a bit of pectin, the sugar of my choice, and said fruit, we have jam!

Simple. Mush up fruit. Stir in pectin & sugar. Put into freezer safe jars.

Ta-da! Easy, delicious, HFCS-free, inexpensive jam!

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Colleen said...

I suppose jam is next on my list, as my little crop of strawberries is overwhelming me. I'm already on my second batch of homemade strawberry ice cream. (YUM, but I've gotta stop!)