Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zeb's Birthday Party...

George's buddy, Zeb, finally turned FIVE! We've been waiting and waiting and waiting! So, off to the park to celebrate with Cynde's crew and the rest of Zeb's siblings. Amber even made Spiderman cupcakes!

Cozi, Lou, Analise, and Cael...

Zeb shooting his pals with his new Nerf shotgun.

Hannelora, Lou, and Cozi... Aren't they beautiful?!

All the kids in one picture. Whew!

Cynde stuck on baby duty... Alternating shoves between Cael and Analise.

Crocs are awesome until... you walk thru gravel...

Zeb (little guy streaking thru my view... off to shoot more friends).

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