Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, I've been menu planning forever and a day, but I seem to have lost my enthusiasm these last few weeks. To motivate myself, I am posting my menus so the whole wide world will know what I am supposed to be making and will shame me should I be caught at the drive-up window...

Sunday: Grilled, marinated pork roast/ fried green tomatoes/ romaine with homemade Catalina dressing

Monday: Chicken on green salad

Tuesday: Beef tacos on homemade tortillas with homemade refried beans

Wednesday: Stromboli/ raw veggies (peppers/ carrots/ onions/ radishes)

Thursday: Chili/ cornbread muffins

Friday: Grilled burgers/ pasta salad/ fresh veggies

Saturday: Crockpot roast with veggies/ green salad

NOTES about this week's menu: You'll notice lots of beef in this menu. I'm cleaning out the freezer this week in an effort to save money (looming car repair) and use up some older food.

Our farmer's market finds were limited this week. It was far too crowded to browse leisurely... (And, someone please tell me why anyone would bring their dog to market?! It's hot, it's all pavement, and there's nothing for those poor dogs to do... Argh! No water, no food, nowhere to rest in the shade... Okay. Rant over.)

We did find onions, carrots, radishes, green tomatoes (see this post), lots of red tomatoes, a pepper plant (for Jason), cucumbers, some yummy little donuts, a plateful of oriental noodles, and a grape slushy for good measure!

If you would like more ideas & inspiration, visit this week's Menu Plan Monday at The Happy Housewife.


Carol said...

Looks good, all very healthy indeed. We think taco tuesday looks best. What time do you want us to come over...(You knew this was coming-didn't you???)

ps. fried green tomatoes are yummy. but then again you can fry most anything and dip it in ranch and it's good ie. rocky mtn oysters! green tomato salsa is also good. I can't believe Jason didn't like them...he must have had an off day...

Wendy said...

You make me look really really bad. LOL

Great menu!