Sunday, June 10, 2007

Audra's Visit

She's gone. Dropped her off at the airport a bit ago. George is disappointed she is gone. Kjersten is excited Audra left her some lip gloss. We had a great time. Audra hadn't been home to visit since February 2005. Lots of visiting and catching up to do!

She played with the kiddos, cleaned my bathrooms, mopped my floor (with the awesome mop for laminate floors we went to Target to buy!) and did my dishes. The kids were thoroughly entertained and my house is noticeably cleaner! Thanks Audra!!!!

We went out Friday night with some of the girls. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse (Audra's favorite.) Great fun!

(that's me, Cael, Audra, Peggy, Mindy, Amy, Kerry, and her baby Michael)

Audra and Peggy even changed Cael's diaper at the table (as I had already changed him twice on the nasty changing table in the bathroom). Ewwwww...


Cynthia said...

Glad you had such a great visit! Sorry it was cut short.

Jamie & Don said...

Wow! This is not good. I'm coming to visit to get out of doing just those things at my own house. I should have scheduled my visit closer to Audra's so the house would still be clean.