Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wyoming race results...

Well... we had a great time driving down. I thoroughly enjoyed the hotel. Sheridan is a pretty little town. But... the entire trip wasn't as we'd hoped. Jason had to drop from the race at 28 miles. At the suggestion of two first aid guys and with his split times being behind, he opted to drop the race. The weather had created the worst trail conditions in the history of this race. Turns out nearly 1/2 of the runners of both the 100 mile and the 50 mile races dropped. I'm not glad anyone else had to drop, but I know it is a bit of a relief to Jason- that he wasn't alone!

He described the trails (inclines you wouldn't believe), running in creek beds with water still flowing, and unavoidable mud that took their shoes off as they ran through... (And they all love this!) Next year, he'll be better prepared and, undoubtedly, the trail conditions will be better. And I will be staying at the same hotel. It was delightful. Baby and I napped and played and napped and played. Very clean, very comfy, and I didn't have to check out until 2:00 p.m. Glorious!!!!

Here's a few photos of mama and baby- wasting time in the van waiting for daddy and playing in the park waiting for daddy... (Who, by the way, took 6 hours to get off the mountain AFTER he dropped! The vehicles needed to remove runners kept getting stuck in the mud! Poor guy. Quit the race and you still can't get back to civilization- and food and bathrooms and wife!)

(oh, and the cheap camera is headed to the return counter. Too complicated for too few options! And all of his race photos were deleted... Argh!)

Self portraits- much too close!

Playing in the park.

Sleeping in the park.

Love those fat little feet!!!

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Cynthia said...

Sorry dh didn't finish the race. Those must have been some terrible running & road conditions if it took 6 hours to get back after he had to quit!

Cute pics of you and the little one.