Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mama is pouting tonite...

I have been without e-mail for 32 hours and counting... I am getting really cranky. Yes, I called my ISP. They know they have a problem and claim it is fixed. I just need to log in anew. Yeah... No! It won't go thru. They were supposed to call me back... 6 hours ago!!!! Argh!

Okay, onto other news...

Rhys, Kjersten, and Brennen all went to the dentist today. This was Brennen's first trip. He loved it! He also had the best brushed teeth of the three. Go figure. No cavities for all three. Yippee! Kjersten's loose tooth is a potential problem. Not the loose tooth- but its replacement. No space. Hmmm... Looks like she'll have to have a tooth pulled soon to make room. Shhhhh... we're not telling her yet. Rhys is headed towards orthodontia as well. Great.

My friend, Laquita, made us dinner tonite. She made teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies. Have I mentioned how much we love the meals we've received? We don't "need" them, but it is such a treat!

My dear friend, Audra, was to fly in tonite to spend the weekend with us and visiting old friends. Her flight was cancelled and Hotwire rescheduled her flight for 2 hours ealier!!! No notification. She missed it. She's now flying in tomorrow. Stupid Hotwire. Won't be booking flights on that site- EVER!

Well, Ole is tired and giving daddy an earful. I need to go fill the little thing up with some milk and put him to bed for the night next couple of hours... Ha ha ha!!!

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Cynthia said...

ugh... sorry about Audra's flight problems. Will she get to stay longer now? And.. I heard all about the server being down... ugh.... I wonder how many backups one should have of important "things."