Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Wow! Three year olds are always getting hurt!!! Scrapes, bumps, bruises, scratches, etc... Good thing they're so quick to heal.

Yesterday, I was talking on the phone with my friend, Cynde. Brennen took the opportunity to bounce on the couch. He bounced and over shot the end of the couch. Off he went. Head over heals. I didn't see him land, but I could see HOW he was going to land. On his head, with his next hyper-extended. Oh... my heart stopped! He landed and made no noise. Didn't move. Didn't cry. Although I'm not usually prone to exaggeration (LOL!), I just knew he was dead! He wasn't. Just a bit of "hardwood-floor-rash" on his forehead. (I called Cynde back to update her. Didn't want to leave her wondering, like I did to Cindy the other day when Kjersten rolled over Cael!!! Yes, she really did. Yes, he's fine and she's still grounded!)

By the way, when I explained to George that he wasn't allowed to do somersaults on the couch and this was one reason why, he said he wasn't doing somersaults. He was doing "timberfalls". Huh? "Timberfalls, mama!" Huh? Rhys had to explain. "You know, mom... When he yells, 'timber' and falls down." Who knew? Guess they goof around on the couch more than mama thinks!

Some photos of George's various owies...

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Cynthia said...

We have lots of pictures of Nathan with bruise and scrapes everywhere, too... it must be the thing about 2 and 3 year olds I guess.