Friday, June 29, 2007

Ole doesn't seem to need me as much as I thought...

Or hoped! I got up this morning to run (gasp!!!! really!) on the treadmill. After feeding baby, I headed downstairs. I turned that iPod up so that I wouldn't hear Jason and baby (in case either one was fussy!). I had a great time running. I came upstairs- expecting to be welcomed with relief and open arms. Uhhh... no! They were both sound asleep!
Jason got up and ready for work. I ate breakfast, read e-mail, worked on the grocery list, took a shower, dressed... and guess who is just now beginning to miss me. Yes, I know... it's a good thing.
Here's a picture of Ole just waking up. (Yes, I'm one of those co-sleeping mamas! At least for the first few months. Makes nursing so much easier and who doesn't want to snuggle this little guy?!)


Emily said...

Oh I miss those snuggles and nursing too. I am sometimes tempted to have one more baby but my dh says we are happy with 5:-)

I guess I need to wait around for future grandbabies so I can get in some cuddles and snuggles!
Emily from SHS

Shushan said...

Your little guy is adorable! :)))

Susan in Va (SHS)

Cynthia said...

I also let our little ones sleep with us for awhile... I barely had to wake up at night to feed them.